About Us

I started painting about ten years ago as a way to relax while getting my Masters in counselling and Psychology. After I realized that not all paintings had to look like photographs, I experimented with many techniques and different media. What I love to do the best is making dazzling blended colors come from the large spatula I use to create with. I take my inspiration from the entire world around me - I see and perceive everything just a little bit differently! Love of ancient histories, friends, nature, my beloved puppies and my mean as a snake baby girl cat Ė everything inspires me and therefore my art.

I decided to turn what I painted into functional art. Deep down, I always felt that art was to be used and admired all day, every day. My pocketbooks and bracelets allow everyone can carry a piece of art with them wherever they go to admire and be admired. My art is constantly evolving.

Where I am today is a long way from where I started. I canít wait to see what I am about to create and where I will be tomorrow.

My husband, Brian, and I, work together to innovate, create and produce my works of functional art. Between my vision and his ability to help me make that vision a reality, we can accomplish just about anything. Our greatest joy is being able to create together.

God has given me creative vision to see the world differently...through Him all things are possible!